ERRON OCAMPO | Paulo and Mary {a civil wedding}
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Paulo and Mary {a civil wedding}

It was a day when Murphy’s law was at work. Makeup was supposed to start at 10am at Jesy’s studio. Kuya Pau, Jesy’s cousin, and Ate Mary was supposed to pick up the white dress from the couturier at 9am. The dress was finished, but it was too dirty to be worn. They didn’t get the dress and didn’t pay the designer. Who would deliver a dress that’s not clean right, specially on the day of the wedding? So they went to Trinoma to get something for Ate Mary to wear. It took them quite some time so they got back to their condo at around 1:30 pm. Jesy worked on Ate Mary’s makeup at once. They finished at 2pm and we were set to go by 2:30pm.





The wedding was at 3pm at the Makati City Hall and we’ll be coming from Ortigas. On our way to Makati via EDSA, it was raining so hard that the visibility was very low, and as expected, the traffic was really really bad. I would have taken a photo if I wasn’t driving and if we weren’t in a hurry. I was slithering our way thru the traffic with the car’s hazard lights blinking, taking every turn between cars and even driving on the bus lane just to get there faster. We were in two cars, the “bridal car” went ahead to the city hall and Jesy and I were on our way to Teddy Manuel‘s shop to pick up a bouquet we asked him to do. But the wedding was at 3pm and it’s already past 3 but we’re still on South Luzon Expressway. Getting to Teddy‘s shop and to the city hall would take about an hour more. The “bridal car” was already there and we decided to not go to Teddy anymore and went straight to the city hall.

On our way to the city hall, we got lost. Thanks to all the one way streets, we had to go around 3 times just to get to the entrance of the city hall’s gates. We finally got to the courtroom and it was almost 4pm. The judge had already started briefing the couple and stuff. When we got there, the real ceremony started.


It was a really intimate affair. Actually, the only one’s who would have been at the ceremony were the witnesses, one ninong and a ninang. But when we found out, we told Kuya Pau and Ate Mary that we should be there. And of course Jesy and I offered our services to make the day even a bit more special. Also Jesy’s brother, Adam and his wife, Ate Leah, was there.


The judge started the ceremony with a little prayer for the couple.


I hear vows exchanged a lot of times, but it really is different when the people giving them are people you know. When they were giving their vows, I suddenly felt surreal. I thought to myself, “wow, they are actually getting married…” and goosebumps followed that.


And of course, the kiss.



The only pair of ninong and ninang.


Jesy while waiting. 😀




Some portraits of the couple.



After the ceremony, fortunately, Murphy has left the building. It was like everything was just a test. When we got out of the city hall, it was no longer raining. Then we were on our way to Le Souffle at Manansala in Rockwell where we had dinner. I had ostrich steak, it was yum and funky! The meat fibers were thicker than beef and a small size would fill you up.





Congratulations Kuya Pau and Ate Mary!!! 😀

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  • Paulo Gonzales

    21.06.2009 at 13:09

    ERRON!!!!!! super thanks for posting and blogging our civil wedding. Our wedding would not be as special as it was if not for you guys! your support and confidence made the whole event truly a memorable one! we owe you guys a lot! More power and definitely, more success to you and jessie!

  • home cook meals

    21.06.2009 at 11:29

    nice set… hehehe.. I’m doing also doing a civil wedding next week.. :)

  • kristel evert tesalona

    21.06.2009 at 06:51

    hi i saw the pics of the civil of mary and paulo. we’re planning to have civil wedding as well. how much is your rate?

  • joan

    21.06.2009 at 23:19

    hi! nice pics.. just wanna ask for the rates.. maybe you could send it to my email. many thanks!

  • rose tompong

    21.06.2009 at 03:56

    hello we’re planning to have our civil wedding this nov. how much the rates. can you send me an email. many thanks

  • maricel

    21.06.2009 at 14:19

    Congrats, we’re planning to have our civil wedding this april or may. How much the rate? Can you send me an email. Tnx

  • JD

    21.06.2009 at 03:04

    Hi, is there any payment for the judge whos gonna conduct the wedding? how much? please send me an email. Congrats and Thank you :)

  • catalina

    21.06.2009 at 19:06

    Hi there please email me your rates ASAP thanks.

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